Increasing Lead with CRM

Welly Village



Welly Village is an integrated and multiservice digital platform. It responds to the need for professionals to have complete and timely monitoring of the patient's behavior and more effective and constant communication with him.

It is a spin-off of Thread Solutions, where we believe that technology and digital are important factors, even more so today, to be introduced and used around Digital Healthcare.

Industry: Healthcare
Location: Italy
Key features: lead generation and marketing automation
Integration: Slack

The Challenge

Getting into the market is always a complicated step. Whether it's a new product or brand, it's fundamental to have a concrete plan for every move, otherwise, there is the possibility of failure.

The project represents niche services in the market that is still not mature. 
So, the goal of Welly Village was to cultivate a proper relationship with the customer, placing him at the center of the business strategy to analyze needs and requirements and collect feedback on which to develop and adapt the idea. 

Since the collection of the first contacts, we realized that to create personalized relationships with individual prospects, we had to take into consideration a multitude of factors: aspects and personal needs of the individual, actions already undertaken in the past with the person, different communication channels, and targeted communications.

With the increase in contacts to manage, despite a well-structured spreadsheet model, we began struggling to keep track of different actions with prospects and across sales and marketing teams, misalignment increased to the point that some opportunities went unnoticed.

A CRM solution is a technological tool where individual actions can be recorded, monitored, and shared with possible prospects. 

To make the most of it, you need to set a strategy business that takes into account every touchpoint throughout the customer lifecycle: from the first interaction with the potential customer up to the moment when he became a user of this service and, subsequently, for all the necessary support.

The Solution

The Welly Village team decided to adopt Pipedrive's CRM solution. A solution that we were able to customize and adapt to every phase of Welly Village's business model.

We started with Lead Generation. 
Pipedrive LeadBooster add-on includes Chatbot, LiveChat, and WebForm, ensuring our data of the various leads interacting with the website are up-to-date and in sync with our CRM. In this way, we successfully eliminated the manual input by the team.

That's allowed us to have all the necessary information in one place and to save time.

To ensure that everyone in the team is aligned when a new contact is registered or "won" we have integrated the CRM solution with Slack.

In this way, we receive an immediate notification about this tool that we use daily to communicate between team members.  

Furthermore, this CRM solution, thanks to the visualization of the customer history, has allowed us to better profile the target, building targeted Lead Nurturing strategies.

We have automated many time-consuming operations such as:

  • email sending, 
  • book for a free consultation 
  • alert notifications 

This allowed us to manage the sales network more efficiently and save considerable time.

Additionally, the marketing team benefited from this target segmentation which they leveraged to send targeted newsletters and marketing communications with Campaign features; for example, updates communication of new features to professionals registered for the service.

Pipedrive features used 

  • lead booster: to optimize lead generation
  • workflow automation: to save time and streamline the sales and marketing process
  • campaign: to create personalized and captivating marketing communications in the lead nurturing process

The results 

As a result of managing marketing and commercial campaigns in an organized manner using the tools and integrations listed above, we have collected more qualified leads, and we have also managed to establish a virtuous relationship with the customer, managing to close a greater number of offers. Finally, we managed to reduce downtime and give more timely responses to customers and make the different teams active in this project more cohesive.

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